Who is Chrysalis Wellness?


Kenetha J. Stanton, CPC, is an artist and writer who aspires to be a healing presence in the world around her, and Chrysalis Wellness, LLC, is the parent company for her creative entrepreneurial ventures.

Her various artwork is available under the A Kintsugi Life, Autumn Leaf Botanicals, and Earthwear Collection brand names. Learn more about her work and her training.

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A Kintsugi Life

The Japanese art of kintsugi (also known as kintsukuroi) is a beautiful image for finding beauty in the healing of life’s wounds, and I use it in my kintsugi inspired jewelry, my writing, and in my coaching.

Lemon orchard soap bar

Autumn Leaf Botanicals

Autumn Leaf Botanicals is a line of handcrafted, natural bath and beauty products made with the highest quality, most environmentally responsible natural materials I can find.

Selection of stacking stretch bracelets

Earthwear Collection

Earthwear Collection consists of a variety of earth-inspired jewelry and accessories created with an emphasis on the use of natural materials to increase the connection of the wearer to the natural world in everyday life.


Creative writing

See a collection of my writing, including fiction and various non-fiction pieces, emphasizing themes of spirituality, transformation, and healing. Additional links are available to a selection of my technical, business, and academic writing.