Kenetha J. Stanton, CPCChrysalis Wellness, LLC, is the parent company for my entrepreneurial ventures at the intersection of creativity, transformation, and support.

About Kenetha

Creativity and transformation are the two things that really make my heart sing, and my creative work is constantly focused on facilitating transformation and healing in the world around me.

Part of my own journey through the chrysalis process has involved the discovery of my creativity, which I now express through my writing, artwork, and soap making. Nurturing my creativity and giving it expression has been both an outcome of my transformation and the fuel that has fed and sustained me throughout the process.

The ways I publicly express this creativity include:

  • A Kintsugi Life, where I explore the image of kintsugi in my artwork and writing. Kintsugi is a Japanese art form that repairs broken pottery with gold-filled lacquer such that the repaired vessel is more beautiful and more valuable than the original. I believe that the healing of the broken and wounded places in our lives is a similar kind of “gold.”
  • Autumn Leaf Botanicals, where I handcraft all-natural soaps and other bath & beauty products, including lotions, salves, natural deodorants, lip balms, and bath treats.
  • Earthwear Collection, where I create Earth-inspired jewelry and accessories from natural materials to help wearers reconnect with the natural world.

Explore any of these outlets to learn more about my work. You can view and purchase items online or in local (Indianapolis area) markets.


Deep Transformational Coach Certfication logoI am a certified life coach (CPC) by the International Coach Academy, where I graduated in May 2012, and a Certified Deep Transformation Coach by the Center for Transformational Coaching, as of 2015.

I am a Reiki III master practitioner, and I completed my training in March 2010 under Christine McKenna Eartheart of Heart Spirals in Bloomington, IN.

I am a certified yoga teacher (CYT-200). My yoga teacher training was completed in July 2011 under Marsha Pappas and Nikki Myers at CITYOGA in Indianapolis.

Get the full details of my education, professional background, and experience on my LinkedIn profile.