Autumn Leaf Botanicals

Lemon orchard soap bar

Autumn Leaf Botanicals was a line of handcrafted, natural bath and beauty products made with the highest quality, most environmentally responsible natural materials I can find.

After making my own bath and beauty products of various kinds for some time, I expanded it into a business to have the chance to share these wonderful products with others. (Not to mention, it gave me the excuse to do a whole lot more creating when I can share them with a larger audience!)

My soaps were made via the cold process saponification method using quality, sustainably harvested oils and natural butters. Dried herbs and essential oils supplied the fragrances and imparted their own natural goodness. All products were self-tested and approved, and none were tested on animals.

This portion of the business was closed in early 2019 to better devote my efforts to my two growing jewelry lines, especially A Kintsugi Life.