Growth is not failure

Potato covered in sprouts that are leafing out

“Don’t waste another second thinking that you’re failing when really all you’re doing is growing.” ~Chani Nicholas

Growth, by definition, leads us into the unknown, the unfamiliar, and the uncomfortable. It’s easy for that discomfort to make us think that we are failing as we find ourselves outside of the what we’ve always known and done. Don’t let yourself be fooled! Growth may be uncomfortable, but it’s always good!

The way to transformation

butterfly on marigold flower

“That which is not accepted is not transformed.” ~Jean-Ives Leloup

Accepting our wounds, our broken places, our weaknesses, our faults does not mean we have to like them or be grateful for their existence; it simply means accepting the reality of what is true about our lives in this moment. It is only when we can accept our reality that it is possible for it to be transformed into something more valuable.