Earthwear Collection

Selection of stacking stretch bracelets
A selection of stacking stretch bracelets from the Earthwear Collection

The Earthwear Collection consists of a variety of earth-inspired jewelry, prayer beads, and accessories created with an emphasis on the use of natural materials.

Stone is my favorite material for use in my designs, and I incorporate a wide variety of stones in my work. Not only does this bring the beauty of the natural world into the daily life of the wearer, but stones can also carry helpful effects themselves. When possible, these are noted in my descriptions of each item.

The other natural materials I use in my jewelry designs include wood, seeds, nuts, roots, bone, shell, and metals. When possible, I prefer to use high quality metals, like sterling or fine silver. I occasionally will also make use of glass and ceramics for accents.

Pendants are typically strung on cotton or hemp cord, as a natural, vegan materials that pair well with the earth-based designs.

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