How to really live

girl kneeling is field of yellow flowers

“The hours when the mind is absorbed by beauty are the only hours when we really live, so that the longer we can stay among these things so much the more is snatched from the inevitable Time.” ~Richard Jeffries

How we rush and busy ourselves with our efforts to amass more and more things. In the process, it’s easy to miss out on the beauty that surrounds, even though absorbing that beauty is what brings us most to life. When and how will you make time to let your mind be absorbed by beauty today?


Image by ThuyHaBich from Pixabay

Attention is an act of connection

close up of ladybug climbing blade of grass

“The reward for attention is always healing. It may begin as the healing of a particular pain—the lost lover, the sickly child, the shattered dream. But what is healed, finally, is the pain that underlies all pain: the pain that we are all, as Rilke puts it, ‘unutterably alone.’ More than anything else, attention is an act of connection.” ~Julia Cameron

The pain that underlies all other pain is the pain of existential loneliness. When we receive attention from another (and often even true attention from ourselves), that underlying pain finds ease in the resulting connection, and that is always healing.

How can you pay true attention to yourself and to those around you today to bring healing into your world?