“Lovingkindness is a profound recognition that our lives have something to do with one another, that everyone counts, everyone matters.” ~Sharon Salzberg

Lovingkindness is more than just a vague sense of well wishing for others. It’s a deep knowledge that we are all connected and are all one in ways that are deeper than words than convey. It’s knowing and acting on the reality that everyone does count and everyone does matter.


Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Attention is an act of connection

close up of ladybug climbing blade of grass

“The reward for attention is always healing. It may begin as the healing of a particular pain—the lost lover, the sickly child, the shattered dream. But what is healed, finally, is the pain that underlies all pain: the pain that we are all, as Rilke puts it, ‘unutterably alone.’ More than anything else, attention is an act of connection.” ~Julia Cameron

The pain that underlies all other pain is the pain of existential loneliness. When we receive attention from another (and often even true attention from ourselves), that underlying pain finds ease in the resulting connection, and that is always healing.

How can you pay true attention to yourself and to those around you today to bring healing into your world?