Releasing the need for control

Releasing the need for control

“Try to relax. Nothing is ever really in our control, yet we make ourselves sick far too often trying to control the things that we simply can’t.” ~Ella Hicks

This is especially true when our lives feel broken and bruised. We grasp desperately for control when there’s none to be had. Learning to let go can make a difficult time just a little easier as we put our lives back together again.


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The good news when you’re falling

sky and clouds

“The bad news is that you are falling through the air, there is nothing to hang onto, and you have no parachute. The good news is that there is no ground.” ~Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

Most of the time we are able to fool ourselves with the illusion that we have some control over our lives and our reality, but we all encounter those times when the illusion falls short and we come face to face with our lack of control.

In those moments we see clearly our groundlessness that we are ever free-falling through space with nothing to hold onto and no control over the outcome. It’s a terrifying feeling!

Until we recognize that this groundlessness also means that there is no ground. Falling is only something to fear if there is a ground that we are about to crash land into.

When there is no ground, there is no need to fear, and we can instead relax into the falling.

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