Don’t wait for perfect

ducks in a row

“If I waited until I had all my ducks in a row, I’d never get across the street. Sometimes you just have to gather up what you’ve got and make a run for it.” ~Judge Lynn Toler⠀

Conditions will likely never be perfect for you to follow your dream, start that new thing, or make the change you’re considering. That’s ok. Do it anyway! You’ll get farther by doing your best with what you’ve got than you will by waiting forever for a mythical perfect before starting.


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Choosing love anyway

Choosing love anyway

“I admire people who could have turned cold after everything they’ve been through but still chose love anyway. There’s strength in that.” ~Keneilwe D Mhlanga⠀

My natural tendency after being wounded is to shut down my heart and hold everyone at a distance. I admire people who can keep their hearts open and choose love even in the face of having been wounded. That is strength indeed.