Reiki shawls now available on Etsy

Chrysalis Wellness now offers handmade Reiki Shawls on as another means of incorporating Reiki into your life or the lives of your loved ones.

Reiki shawls are much like prayer shawls in that they are designed to bring comfort and support to the recipient. Each shawl is handmade using three yarns together to give the shawl a comforting weight and to provide complexity and depth to the color patterning. Prior to shipping, each shawl is infused with Reiki energy with the intention of bringing comfort, healing, and support to the user.

While these shawls would bring a cozy warmth and the benefits of Reiki into anyone’s life, this can be a particularly comforting gift to anyone who may be grieving, struggling with a chronic illness, or undergoing intense medial treatments. This can be a way to gently wrap yourself or your loved one in healing, positive energy to help carry someone through a difficult time.

There are a number of colors and yarn combinations currently available and more are being added all the time. If there is a specific color selection or size you would like to purchase that is not available, please contact me to place a custom order.

All shawls can be machine washed and dried. Sizes range from 21-22″ in width and from 62-94″ in length, with a length of about 75″ being the average. To see the specific shawls available at any given time, please check the The Creative Chrysalis storefront on Etsy. Each shawl listed contains full details regarding the size, yarn choices, laundering instructions, shipping information, and prices.

Reiki and the dying

We all die, but we live in a culture that fears death and generally tries to hide death from public view. We often avoid thinking about or preparing for our own death or those of our loved ones, so it is not surprising that many people fight death when the time comes for them to transition from this life.

Reiki can bring healing to someone even when there is no change in their physical state nor even any delay of their death. Sometimes the most healing thing we can do is to let the Reiki energy offer comfort and reassurance to a dying person so they are able to let go of this life in peace. In the whole process of staying present with the person through this process, we can support someone in the process of this transition to ease their passage into the next phase of their journey, potentially help heal old emotional wounds they may still be carrying, and help relieve any physical pain they may be experiencing to bring them added comfort and peace during their remaining time in this life.

Reiki can not only support someone who is going through the process of transitioning from this life to the next, it can also support that person’s loved ones and caretakers through the stressful last days and beyond as they grieve for the person they have lost.

If you are a Reiki practitioner who would like to support someone in the dying process, this Reiki and the Dying guide (PDF, 378KB) provides some suggestions for Reiki practitioners of all levels to use Reiki to support people during this time.