The value of pruning

green buds on a tree branch

“No one likes the process of pruning and the pain of loss, but fruit only grows on new wood.” ~Leonard Sweet

I hate letting go of things or relationships or dreams … or just about anything else. Loss is painful and scary.

But I’ve also noticed that after I allow myself to prune that which is no longer helpful in my life and let go of what needs to be released, I inevitably find more space for growth and new opportunities for expansion.

Seeing that pattern re-appear so consistently time after time has begun to loosen my death grip on what I currently have so I can let go with more grace and ease over time.

Loss makes artists of us all

fabric being woven on a loom

“Loss makes artists of us all as we weave new patterns in the fabric of our lives.” ~G.W. Crosby

I love the idea of loss making us artists. Loss is hard and painful, but imagining the recreation of a new live after loss as the work of an artist weaving a new pattern brings some comfort and inspiration to the process. We’d all rather be weaving the same of patterns we knew and loved, but if those old patterns are no longer possible, we might as well embrace our inner artists and get creative with the new patterns we weave!