Surviving the fire

Surviving the fire

“I survived because the fire within me burned brighter than the fire around me.” ~Joshua Graham

When our lives go up in flames, the best way to make it through the fire is to have a brighter fire that burns within us—a reason for living, a purpose for our lives, a passion that drives us. This might be our love for our family or friends or beloved animal companions. It might be work (paid or unpaid) that expresses our passion or gives us our purpose. It might be our relationship with the Divine that sustains us as we serve the world around us. Whatever it is, finding and tending that fire within helps us withstand the fires that may sweep through our outer world.

What is your inner fire?


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The importance of saying no

“I need to create an environment where I can be my best self, and that means being unapologetic about saying no to things that don’t serve me or move me closer to my purpose and the things that I care about the most.” ~Alicia Garza

Most of us feel guilty about saying no. We hate disappointing people and feel like we’re failing when we can’t be and do all the things everyone wants from us.

The truth is that our time and energy are limited. If we truly want to be our best selves and spend our lives on things that matter, it is absolutely crucial for us to say no to those things that don’t help us do that.

Just because something is someone else’s priority doesn’t make it ours, and it doesn’t make us bad people for saying no. Focus on your own purpose and say no to anything and everything that doesn’t serve that.


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True inward quietness


“True inward quietness is not vacancy, but stability—the steadfastness of a single purpose.” ~Caroline Stephen

It’s so easy to think of quiet as an absence or an emptiness of noise and excitement, but a true inner quietness is not an emptiness at all. It is a matter of knowing what matters and staying focused on without being distracted by all the surrounding chaos.

Of course, this requires knowing your single purpose, knowing what matters in your life beyond all else to know where to focus.

How do you live into this inner quietness that is a stable steadfastness?

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