What strengthens your wings?

butterfly on flower petal next to water drop

“Run, my dear, from anyone and anything that does not strengthen your precious budding wings.” ~Hafiz

When we’re ready to take flight and our wings begin to grow and strengthen, there will always be people, circumstances, and things that would hold us back and try to keep us small. Fleeing from those is the only thing that gives us the space we need to develop our ability to soar.

What’s holding you back?

The way to transformation

butterfly on marigold flower

“That which is not accepted is not transformed.” ~Jean-Ives Leloup

Accepting our wounds, our broken places, our weaknesses, our faults does not mean we have to like them or be grateful for their existence; it simply means accepting the reality of what is true about our lives in this moment. It is only when we can accept our reality that it is possible for it to be transformed into something more valuable.



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“Transforming yourself is a means of giving light to the whole world.” ~Ramana Maharshi

The work we do to transform the broken places in our lives into healing and wholeness is never a selfish endeavor. Our transformation shines outward to affect everyone around us, so who we decide to become matters for more than just us.