Kenetha J. Stanton, CPCChrysalis Wellness, LLC, is the parent company for my entrepreneurial ventures at the intersection of creativity, transformation, and support.

About Kenetha

Creativity and transformation are the two things that really make my heart sing, but as someone who is equally right and left brained, these creative impulses toward transformation sometimes show up in unexpected ways.

My jewelry making, particularly the kintsugi-inspired work, is obviously creative and is directly designed to support transformational perspective shifts in those who encounter it.

My soap making, on the other hand, is an expression of my scientist background, which loves the creative transformation of the experimental process of developing new formulations to optimize various qualities by adjusting the raw materials used.

Few people, however, would think of working with data and spreadsheets and organizing methods to be either creative or transformational, but for me, these kinds of tasks are both!

My love of finding creative ways to organize information and data to transform chaos into order shows up in my love of designing and updating spreadsheets and other data storage tools, creating and maintaining websites, and other support activities. In fact, developing (or finding) just the right tool that will transform a given bit of chaos into order is really half the fun of having my own business, so supporting others in doing the same for their own businesses just adds to the enjoyment.

Finally, my soul coaching is another obvious service in support of another’s transformation through the creative dance of the coaching relationship. My writing is also intended to support others in their work toward personal transformation.

These interests in creativity, transformation, and support come together in three main categories of my business: Business transformation services, Personal transformation services, and Creative work.

Business transformation

As a virtual executive assistant for solopreneurs and small business owners, I use my background as a project manager, executive administrative assistant, event manager, librarian, and new media researcher to provide executive level support to take things off your plate rather than adding one more person for you to manage.

This support includes consulting to help develop optimal processes for the specific needs of a given business to save time, money, and effort to get the work done as efficiently and with as much ease as possible.

It also includes creative and technical support with tasks like blog writing, research, social media updating and monitoring, newsletter preparation, and website maintenance and updating.

At the same time, the basic performance of necessary administrative tasks like bookkeeping, travel arrangements, appointment scheduling, and more are also included from someone who will get to your business and your needs well enough to be self-directed.

Personal transformation

My own personal journey of transformation over several years that completely reshaped the entire inner and outer landscape of my life has left me passionate about helping others navigate their own transformational journeys by facilitating their ability to access their soul’s deepest wisdom.

As a soul coach, I work with people in periods of major transition to help them navigate the changes they are facing with the greatest ease possible while also helping them reconnect with their soul’s wisdom to make choices that will create an authentic, meaningful life in the wake of the transitions they are facing.

Transitional periods often open the door to the opportunity for deep transformation to happen as we are pushed out of our usual ways of being. As a coach, I look for these openings and help people watch for the transformational possibilities that are waiting to emerge and support them as they move into a transformed life.

I also use Reiki and yoga as avenues for helping people move through transitional and transformational periods with greater awareness and grounding.


My spirituality and creativity have simultaneously anchored me and fed me along my pathway, and I continue to make both very high priorities in my life.

I am an artist who loves to design and create new things, from jewelry to crocheted accessories to woodworking to herbal products. I work with stone, wood, polymer clay, yarn, soap making, and much more.

I am also a writer, primarily on the topics of spirituality, personal development, and healing.


Deep Transformational Coach Certfication logoI am a certified life coach (CPC) by the International Coach Academy, where I graduated in May 2012, and a Certified Deep Transformation Coach by the Center for Transformational Coaching, as of 2015.

I am a Reiki III practitioner, and I completed my training in March 2010 under Christine McKenna Eartheart of Heart Spirals in Bloomington, IN.

I am a certified yoga teacher (CYT-200). My yoga teacher training was completed in July 2011 under Marsha Pappas and Nikki Myers at CITYOGA in Indianapolis.

Get the full details of my education, professional background, and experience on my LinkedIn profile.