Transform your business

computerFreedom is one of the biggest attractions of the solopreneur life. No bosses. No employees to deal with. No enforced schedule. No required location.

You are free to do the work you love whenever, wherever, and with whomever you please.

The downside is that now you also wear all of the hats for your business. You are the:

  • administrative assistant,
  • finance and accounting department,
  • technical support department,
  • marketing department,
  • communications department,
  • research department,
  • human resources department.

You do it all! But there are only so many hours in a day.

Imagine how it would transform your business if you could spend more time doing the work that only you can do by letting someone else do the support work.

Imagine how much more freedom you would have to focus on what you do best.

How I can help

As a virtual executive assistant for solopreneurs and small business owners, I use my background as a project manager, executive administrative assistant, event manager, program manager, librarian, and new media researcher to provide executive level support to take things off your plate rather than adding one more person for you to manage.

I actually enjoy things like dealing with budgets and spreadsheets, managing details, and maintaining websites, which means that I get to have fun doing what I enjoy while you have fun doing what you love best.

My support includes consulting to help develop optimal processes for the specific needs of a given business to save time, money, and effort to get the work done as efficiently and with as much ease as possible.

It also includes creative and technical support with tasks like blog writing, research, social media updating and monitoring, newsletter preparation, and website maintenance and updating.

At the same time, the basic doing of necessary administrative tasks like bookkeeping, travel arrangements, appointment scheduling, and more are also included from someone who knows your business and your needs well enough to be self-directed.

Learn more about the wide variety of services I can provide and imagine all of the things that could be cleared right off your desk.

Are you feeling the freedom yet?