Transform your life

Closeup of message stones on white background.Spirituality and transformation overlap in my life. My spirituality has often been how I best access my soul’s wisdom about the person I am meant to be and the life I am meant to live when I’m in the midst of radical transformation. At the same time, my transformational journey has deepened and enhanced my spirituality by strengthening that connection to my soul’s deepest knowing.

As part of my aspiration to be a healing presence in this world, I offer the following services to help others who are experiencing seasons of deep transformation.

Soul coaching

Soul coaching creates a chrysalis space for you to connect with your own soul’s wisdom to find your path through periods of deep transformation. I help you listen for what is emerging, support your expression of your soul’s wisdom, reflect back to you your most magnificent potential when you lose sight of it, and encourage you along the journey when the going feels hard.


Reiki is a healing energy modality. A Reiki session involves the Reiki practitioner channeling this energy to the recipient (in person or at a distance), where the energy can restore depleted energy reserves, remove blockages in one’s energy system, and generally restore balance to the energetic body.

Yoga instruction

The practice of yoga brings many wellness benefits to our bodies and our minds and spirits. It fosters our ability to be present and observant in the moment, which allows us to step outside of our habitual patterns of thought and reaction enough to listen more deeply to wisdom of our souls.