meditationReiki is an energy healing technique. The word Reiki is a Japanese word that means “Universal Life” (Rei) and “Energy” (Ki). A Reiki session involves the Reiki practitioner channeling this energy through her hands into the body of the recipient, where the energy can restore depleted energy reserves, remove blockages in one’s energy system, and generally restore balance to the energetic body.

The effects of Reiki can include physical or emotional pain relief, stress relief, relaxation, or healing of physical or emotional ailments. The person receiving Reiki may feel tingling, warmth, relaxation, energy movement, or sometimes nothing at all. The presence or absence of sensation is not necessarily indicative of the effectiveness of the Reiki energy. This healing technique is being used in personal practice, as well as in hospitals and hospice centers, worldwide. Reiki can be shared in person or at a distance.

Because the practitioner is only channeling the Reiki energy, this energy is not something that the practitioner creates or forces on the recipient. It is offered joyfully and with the intent that it will serve the highest good of the person receiving it. Reiki energy cannot cause harm and does not have side effects.

Reiki is equally helpful to our animal companions who may be suffering from some illness or imbalance. Animals in need of healing are usually very receptive to receiving Reiki and will soak up the energy being transmitted to them. They are able to let the practitioner know when he or she has had enough by moving away. Contact me directly if you have an animal companion that you think may benefit from receiving Reiki.

Additional information about Reiki is available on the International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP) website, and at the Center for Reiki Research.

For more information about receiving a Reiki session in person or at a distance, please contact me.