Yoga poseYoga is well-known for its physical benefits on flexibility, strength, range of motion, and stress reduction. These benefits are vitally important in today’s sedentary culture where we tend to spend many hours in front of the computer.

However, yoga also affects our psychological and emotional health in positive ways. As a culture, we tend to spend a lot of time with our mind focused on the future or the past. In the process, we tend to miss out on the present.

Through yoga’s practice of learning to listen to our body’s needs, we bring our minds to be present with our bodies in this present moment. This ability to be present and observant in the moment allows us to step outside of our habitual patterns of thought and reaction enough to be able to choose more helpful options that enhance our lives and our relationships.

I teach basic hatha yoga classes that are appropriate for beginning students and those with some experience. While emphasizing safe alignment to prevent injury, I encourage each student to honor the needs of their own body in the poses on any given day. This practice of self-observation and self-kindness allows each student to adapt the practice to their own body and encourages staying present in the moment throughout the class.

I am not teaching group classes at this time, but I do offer private one-on-one yoga sessions that allow the practice to be tailored to a specific person’s needs. Contact me for more information.